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Qmusic plays an extra sound

Starting Monday, September 4th, Qmusic will start a new search for “Audio”. Listeners can play all days of the week from 06:00 to 19:00. This morning Martin and Dorothy (picture above) It was first heard during their morning show, “The Voice”. Whoever guesses correctly wins the money. And that can be a lot of money. For example, the previous winner became richer by at least €44,600 in one fell swoop. After all, if you guess correctly, you will receive the amount that is in the prize pool at that exact moment. Initially, this is one hundred euros, for each wrong answer the pot is fed the same additional amount. At 09:30 there is always “Double Your Chance” and one listener can guess twice in one spin. You can play via the Q app. The previous version took about six weeks, and it took two tips and 446 attempts to guess the ‘voice’: opening an egg carton. (tuberculosis)

Johan Hennemann makes his debut in Nostalgie+…now!

The news that Johan Henmann will migrate from Nostalgie to Nostalgie+ has been known for some time. Not a specific date. Meanwhile, it will apparently debut on the digital channel at the same moment as this magazine. So it’s 4:00 p.m. this is the wayis the name of his new live show. In doing so, he adds a new chapter to his impressive 43-year broadcasting career. In its daily evening show, there is room for an iconic album from pop history, it brings current news, weather and traffic and inserts some interactive moments. During the day ‘The wonder yearsHe haunts listeners for powerful childhood memories in “Forget Me Nots” for that forgotten folk pearl everyone should know. Every day of the week from 4 to 7 pm. Incidentally, the Nostalgie+ morning block is now also introduced. Astrid Philips welcomes you every morning between 6 and 10 with ‘Good morning, freedom‘. On the weekends you can hear Domi and Lynn. All information They can be found here. (tuberculosis)

MNM waved goodbye to Disneyland

MNM looked a little more charming than usual on Wednesday. The reason: the end of the holiday and a marketing contract with Disneyland Paris. Along with many listeners, the deejay actually went – by train – to Disneyland Paris to say goodbye to the summer. Fortunately, there was also time between applying from a private radio studio to discovering the French resort. Kawthar Halalouche and Robin Keaart awakened the audience, after which Ibrahim and Evelyn Debaker upholstered their show with various Disney hits. Sander Gillis and Laura Govarts were allowed to close the end of the trip and summer vacations. Accommodation was granted at the French resort, and fifty listeners were already fortunate enough to be there yesterday. (tuberculosis)

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