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History has rights. The events of the past, but also the events of the recent past. That’s why we’ve renewed the Radio Diary. Very powerful update. We go further than ever before in time and communicate as closely as possible with the present. This is the history of radio as it happened between 1900 and 2021.

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1978: “Between a beacon and a leader” is a new program on Radio Mi amigo with Johan Visser. Ton Schipper took over as “Personal Top 10” from Haike Debois at Playa de Aro.

1981: Radio Antwerp City and Radio Pilgrim bring programs together.

2001: VRT will stop investing in Vlaanderen International’s shortwave Wavre transmitters. No more new devices were purchased. Existing channels will remain in use.

2002: The group around Radio Contact redistributes shares. RTL gets 49.9% of the bid, while director Francis Lemerre gets 50.1%.

2018: The Flemish Regulator for Media (‘VRM’) refused RGR 2’s request to transmit the frequency at Heist-op-den Berg (106.8MHz) to Hulshout. There is a fear of interference at Komilfoo van Aarschot (106.9 MHz).

2020: Gold FM (Meulebeke, 106.9 MHz and Roeselare, 105.6 MHz) expands the number of order programs. Not only on Sunday mornings, but also on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9 am and 10 am, it is possible to maintain contact with the rest of the inhabitants of the house and family.

2001: Rod Hendrix (Rob Hudson of Radio Mi Amigo) will leave the board of Endemol Entertainment on May 1, 2001. The failed Sport 7’s interim manager wants to broaden his horizons.

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2021: NOS UK correspondent Sues van Cleef until recently started as the first reporter for ‘Langs De Lijn’ on NPO Radio 1. She is following the Eredivisie match Willem II against Heerenveen.

1967: Radio Scotland has been fined “MV Comet” 250 euros by the court for broadcasting it into English soil.

1973: “World in Action” by AJ Beirens, supported by “UNESCO”, is new to Northsea Radio International via SW transmitter on “Mebo II”.

1984: Another setback for future laser investors. Police intercepted the new transmission towers of the radio ship “MV Communicator”. David Irvine, the American owner of the Queensboro shipyard, where the towers are located, was arrested.

2021: Former motorsports commentator for BBC Radio, BBC Television and ITV dies at Murray Walker (97). He is a legend thanks to his enthusiastic comments during the F1 Grand Prix.

2005: 104.5MHz gold in Indianapolis alters the format of old photos. There will be a mix of current hits from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. Thus Gold becomes 104.5 MHz FM jack.

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