Rambouillet stabbed the killer: ‘The perpetrator has turned into an extremist …

The 36-year-old Tunisian, who stabbed a police officer to death on Friday in Rambouillet, France, was an extremist and also had to deal with “certain personal disturbances”. This is what Jean-Francois Ricard, the attorney for the Office of the Attorney General for Combating Terrorism, said Sunday afternoon.

According to the attorney for the counterterrorism attorney general, Jean-Francois Ricard, it seems indisputable that Jamal Gorshin was a radical. Analyzing his smartphone, Richard said, found that “just before committing the act, he consulted videos of religious songs glorifying martyrdom and jihad.”

Additionally, the Tunisian was also suffering from mental problems. His father stated that he noticed “behavioral problems” in his son at the beginning of this year. On February 19, Jamal Jurchen also requested a psychological counseling at Rambouillet Hospital and then set a new appointment for February 23, according to Jean-Francois Ricard. “It appears that his condition did not require hospitalization or treatment.”

On Sunday, Richard also announced that a fifth person had been arrested in the investigation into the fatal attack. He is the cousin of the perpetrator. Earlier, his father, cousin and two people who helped him find shelter were all taken for questioning.

In the Friday attack, the Tunisian killed a 49-year-old woman – a mother of two – near a police station by stabbing her twice in the stomach and neck. The perpetrator was immediately shot by the officers.

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