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A rare underwater snail was found off the coast of Cornwall, UK. The animal is also called the “rainbow snail” because of its bright colors. It is the first time in the region that such a unique and wonderful animal has been found.

The rainbow sea snail, or Babakina anadoni, belongs to the aiolid slug family. This species is characterized by bright colors. “Few sightings have been recorded by divers and swimmers. It is the first time such an animal has been found off the coast of the UK,” says biologist Ben Holt of the Rock Pool Project. The animal usually lives in a warmer environment off the west coast. for Spain, Portugal and France.

Many brightly colored underwater snails do not have a shell to protect themselves from enemies. These snails are often poisonous. Bright colors warn their enemies about this. “We have beautiful animals underwater. We have to take care of nature so we don’t lose these rare animals,” Holt said.

Vicki Barlow found the animal while snorkeling. “I suddenly saw something very colorful sitting on a fairly large and heavy rock,” says Barlow. I tried to raise the rock and saw sea snails in rainbow colors. He said. Barlow was able to capture the colorful animal on camera.

rainbow sea snail © Vicky Barlow

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