reconsidering. Red Dot on Netflix: The Pursuit under the Aurora Borealis (★★★)

A brand new movie has been showing on Netflix since Thursday. In the bloodthirsty thriller Red dot Two Swedes are being chased after racist action while on vacation in the Upper North.

Red dot It is the first Swedish movie on Netflix. The print produced by Alan Darburg in the cool north of Sweden was set in stone. Nadia (Nana Blondell) and her boyfriend David (Anastasius Solis), in an effort to save their relationship, go camping in an icy area with them in the aurora borealis.

When David crashes and drives a group of local fishermen’s vehicle upon arrival, things go wrong. Because in addition to the icy temperatures, the couple also have to endure staring and racist remarks toward Nadia Lions upon arrival. When targeted during an elemental act, the action is full. At night, when the couple is in their remote tent, they suddenly see a red laser light from a shotgun falling on them.

Nothing is what it seems

This marks the beginning of a battle between life and death for Nadia and David in a terrifying cold. At first glance, this thriller appears to be turning into a 1-1 battle between the couple and their attackers, and thankfully, the makers have more in store. So nothing is as it seems Red dot. This does not mean cold horror, but table-turn events. Although the twists are coming too late and plenty of blue to come close to the best movies in the genre. For example, the screenwriters tried to keep the story surprising – and also succeeded during a semi-horror scene, but never remained under the skin.

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Although the movie received three stars. Especially thanks to the exciting opening scenes. Because just imagine: in the bitter cold deserted among the snowy mountains, you suddenly see a laser light on your loved one. What would you do? finally Red dot A lousy but fun movie on a Friday evening.

Red dot It can be watched on Netflix.

Check out the trailer for “Red Dot”

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