Relationships are being broken due to this new option from Snapchat

Snapchat is introducing a new feature that's all about your and other people's solar systems. This places people on a virtual planet closer to you or further away from you, depending on how often you talk to them. If you're in Mercury, you probably talk to this person a lot: Uranus, on the other hand, you talk to them much less. A controversial addition that has already been modified.

The biggest criticism of these solar systems is that they put more pressure on teenagers, who often already feel a lot of pressure from social media (and many other things). Based on an article in Wall Street Journal Snapchat decided to make some changes. It used to be that only paying users could see their location in their friends' world, but now something has changed.

Solar systems on snapchat

He. She He writes: “We understand that it can be good to know that you are close to someone, but it can also be bad to know that you are not as close to a friend as you would like. We feel that the solar system can exacerbate this feeling and we want to prevent that. Then decides to disable the feature Virtually, so you don't have to see them if you don't want to.Although online chatting actually says little about how close you are to someone in the real world, for some people it puts unnecessary pressure on them or can be It is painful to know that someone has other people in Mercury.

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The reason why Snapchat didn't choose to remove the option entirely is probably to connect +. It's another option that makes it more worthwhile for some to have a paid account. Snapchat+ costs €4.49 per month or €44.99 per year and is also available in the Netherlands. At the same time, the solar system appears to be in little use, so extreme demand is not what makes Snap want to keep it. Only 0.25% will use it, but relationships have already been broken because of it. Not everyone agrees on whether Snapchat would do well to keep it.

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