Republicans are searching for a new candidate for Speaker of the House of Representatives, after Jim Jordan also lost the third round of voting

Jordan did not receive sufficient support from its ranks during the vote in the House of Representatives. Republicans hold a slim majority there, but a group of fellow party members dislike him. “We have to go back to the drawing board,” said board Chairman Kevin McCarthy, who was voted out more than two weeks ago.

Never before in American history has the House of Representatives been without a speaker for so long. Since McCarthy’s forced departure, Republicans have been unable to find a successor. A group of hardliners, including Jordan backed by former President Donald Trump, continues to clash with a group of more moderate Republicans.

The House cannot pass new laws without a speaker, which could pose problems for the multibillion-dollar aid to Ukraine and Israel announced by President Joe Biden. The US government may run out of money again in less than a month.

After a second failed attempt on Wednesday, Jordan initially said he would not try again. He returned to him a few hours later. But he also did not succeed in the third round of voting. What’s more: he had 5 fewer votes behind his name.

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