Research: More fuel theft at UK petrol stations

Photo: Afghan National Police

UK petrol stations are increasingly facing fuel theft due to high prices. This was shown by research by the British Petroleum Security Union, which fights crime at petrol stations. According to the organization, thefts have risen to their highest levels since measurements began in 2015.

Britain’s RAC Automobile Club said fuel prices rose at their fastest pace in more than two decades in August. So British motorists spend much more to fill up the tank. The average cost of this rose by more than 4 pounds last month, equivalent to 4.70 euros per tank.

The British Oil Security Syndicate divides fuel theft into two categories. In one category, the motorist deliberately drives without paying for fuel. In the other category, motorists who have full gas say they have little money to pay and they will come back, but they don’t. The latter category accounts for about two-thirds of fuel thefts.

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