Research says that exercising only on the weekend is good enough for weight loss

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Previous studies have already shown that exercising only on the weekend is just as healthy for your heart as spreading it out throughout the week. And according to new research, the same applies to weight loss.

If you are training for a specific exercise goal, or want to build your muscles in a specific way, a different schedule may work better, but concentrating all of your exercise activity into one longer session in a day or two is for your body’s health. Researchers say heart and weight loss are not a problem.

This new study looked at 9,600 people between the ages of 20 and 59, who were divided into three groups: inactive people, weekend exercisers, or regular exercisers. They also had measurement data about these people’s body composition.

The researchers found a link between the two active groups and their lower fat levels compared to the inactive group. Whether athletes focus their training on one day or break it up into shorter sessions throughout the week. As long as you’re getting close to the recommended amount of exercise overall. Very good news for Weekend warriors Between us.

More research is needed to confirm these findings, but the lesson these scientists say we can already emphasize is: something is always better than nothing.

Read more about the research here: Study: Whether you exercise regularly or one or two days a week, losing weight is possible

Here’s more on the research on exercise and heart health: Only exercising on the weekend is healthier for your heart, researchers say.

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