Research. Sports with a mouth mask does not turn dangerous ??

The thought of wearing a mouth mask while exercising might make you feel Spanish. However, wearing a mouth mask while exercising turns out not bad for you. This is according to a new study from the European Respiratory Journal, a monthly journal of respiratory medicine.

According to Italian scientists, there are hardly any health risks associated with wearing a mouth mask while exercising. They got twelve healthy people around 40 years old to exercise with and without a mouth mask. Three different types of masks were tested. At the same time, the participants’ heart and breathing rates were measured. What happened? There wasn’t much difference. Results with a mouth mask worsened by only 10% on average.

In a safe way, intense sports with a mask look very rewarding. “If you are wearing a certified breathable mask and you are in good health, the only problem might be losing some performance,” says Dr. Bergiuseppe Agostoni, Professor of Cardiology at the University of Milan. However, an unapproved home-made mask, which can obstruct breathing and cause pollutants to be trapped, can cause problems and be “dangerous,” he adds.

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