Research using artificial intelligence: A wide range of scientific fields require subsidies

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The number of requests for grants for research using artificial intelligence is increasing. This was stated by the Leiden University Fund (LUF), which funds projects and chairs at the university. “There is relatively little funding available for this, so private donors can make a big difference,” says Lillian Fisher, director of alumni relations and fundraising.

The Leiden University Fund is seeing more and more requests for support for research using artificial intelligence. (Unsplash)

Artificial intelligence plays an increasingly important role in science. “We’re getting more requests for research using AI,” says Fisher. “The applications are in different scientific fields.”

A wide range of scientific fields

Fisher sees applications coming from psychological research to medical sciences to energy sciences. Makes sense, says Fisher. “AI uses very large data sets and gains new insights from them: this is important for many scientific fields.”

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Submitted applications are carefully evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the Leiden University Fund, “in terms of scientific quality, because artificial intelligence also has drawbacks.”

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