Research: Women have better memories than men

Unfortunately, there is also bad news from the investigation.

For more than 20 years (!), scientists from the Free University of Amsterdam have been researching the memory of women versus men. And here’s surprising news: Women actually have better memories than men. Women also process information faster. The differences are especially large in middle age, and it is clear that women benefit most from the work of their brain. Researchers came to this conclusion after studying the memory of thousands of people over the age of 45.

Previous studies confirm this conclusion: in 2015 It was already known that, on average, a woman’s brain is larger than a man’s. The hippocampus in particular is very different: this is the part of the brain where memories are stored. This explains why many women seem to remember their anniversary date, unlike men.

Unfortunately, the research isn’t all good news for women: While they gain a strong start in middle age, they also decline faster than men. This is mainly reflected in cognitive functions. From a certain age, women have more difficulty performing complex brain tasks than men. As a result of this rapid decline, dementia caused by aging is more common in females than in males.

Are you sure that rapid deterioration does not have significant effects on you? Fortunately, there are several tricks you can use to keep your brain healthy. The most well known is getting enough exercise and a healthy and varied diet, but you can do more things for your brain. We have included 6 surprising brain exercises for you.

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source | Amsterdam VU

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