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Western Europe may receive another load of dust from the Sahara next weekend.

to me Copernicus, the European body that constantly monitors the weather and climate, a large cloud of dust is currently hanging over the Atlantic Ocean. Scientists expect the plume to pass after a bend over Western Europe on Friday and Saturday.

Copernicus is seeing relatively large amounts of dust blowing from the African desert over the Mediterranean and other parts of Europe this year. A few weeks ago it caused an obvious condition The sky is painted yellow And a layer of dust on cars, windows and garden furniture.

Several cars managed to go to the car wash in April after the desert sands settled. © ANP

air quality

Desert dust can affect air quality. This is particularly the case in countries like Spain, which regularly take the full blow. Spain again experiences the largest amount of dust. Fine dust particles can irritate the respiratory tract.

Dust clouds from the desert also affect the temperature: they block sunlight and can make a difference of a few degrees. This was also the case in our country in mid-March. Then the mercury was five degrees lower than previously expected. “I’ve never seen this before in my professional life”VTM weatherman David Dehenauw said on Twitter.

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