Restaurant guests choked on couple making love on the cliff: ‘We thought it was yoga’

Guests at a restaurant in England couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a couple making love in full view of a cliff opposite. The lovers were spotted on a footpath several meters above sea level.

wvbsource: Cornwall Live

A mischievous scene occurred in Falmouth, England, last Thursday. In broad daylight, around 1:30 p.m., some diners at “Hooked on the Rocks” noticed some strange movement on the edge of a cliff directly opposite the restaurant. At first they were unable to determine what was going on, but when an attendee decided to take out the smartphone to take pictures of the phenomenon, it soon became apparent that the activity was less innocent than initially thought. The guests were shocked as they saw an adventurous couple making love right in front of them. The duo clearly did not know shame.

“At first we thought it was about yoga, but then my partner zoomed in on her phone and confirmed what we all thought they were doing. My partner was shocked at how long they lasted. They were still busy when we left.”

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