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edge of eternity It has been available for PC for half a year now. With a console release soon, we decided to dig deeper into this game with a review.

at edge of eternity We follow the warrior Daeron. When an alien army attacks the castle one day, he and his group of friends plan to fight evil. In a world that combines fantasy and science fiction, they search for the cause of the attack.

Game developers have been known to cheat on each other as if they were first graders. For example, Immortals: Phoenix Rise Shamelessly borrow to play in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild However, enter enough original ideas to have your own face. Better than poorly conceived, stolen from my makers edge of eternity He thought. Then introduce a game that lacks the elements that make classic open-world RPGs so special.

A massive open world filled with quests, shops, collectibles, crafting materials, health points, magic and stamina. All the components are there, but it lacks the “schwung” that RPGs have in the modern open world. For example, making better gear isn’t worth it since the benefits are minimal, all stores and their inventory are the same and the missions are nothing more than glorified fetching missions.

In the end, it’s a pity that French studio Midgar Studio didn’t scratch its head after its first test run. This is a game that sees the probability of hitting ridiculous bumps. Think of a chaotic start where Dayron’s group of friends die one by one against a warlock in tutorial battles, after which Dayron is alone for a while. The wizard’s goal in the story only becomes clear later and only adds to the huge amount of information that is fired at the player at the beginning. The crammed but empty text doesn’t know what to do with the letters. The game also doesn’t know if it should choose texts in scenes that are interpreted by the voice actors or if you’ll see text cards. edge of eternity Alternating between being one or the other. The end result looks very messy.

Eternal fighting edge

For example, “mission signs” are sometimes right behind a fence, so you may have to walk around an entire village. The moment Daeron was so stupid that he couldn’t jump a fence that any normal person could easily bypass, it frustrated us more than any boss. Sekiru since when. Another big annoyance is that the battles are network-based. where makers Final Fantasy I managed to maintain a fairly high pace with the same combat system, you know edge of eternity Do not create tension or necessity in his battles. This makes every fight slow like thick shit. If you accidentally bump into a deer while walking, it will start a fight, which you can end with one or two blows of your ax in a normal game. at edge of eternity During the same battle, you can easily check your Facebook account, fix your bike tire, and clean the dishes. The fact that every fight is presented with exactly the same epic music can only be called lazy.

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We played ourselves edge of eternity on PlayStation 5. The game runs well at 4K at 60 frames per second, with fast load times and relatively little texture pop. The game also uses haptic feedback and adaptive triggers for the Dualsense controller during combat.

Edge of Eternity is available now on PC and February 10 on PlayStation and Xbox. The Switch version will be released on February 23.

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