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With the advent Hitman 3 She concluded a wonderful trilogy. The Hitman reboot is one of the most successful reboots to date and oddly enough, developer IO Interactive has faced a lot of headwind with several publishers. After publishing by Square Enix and then Warner Bros. doe1 IO Interactive Now Do It Yourself! Hitman 3 has to finish the story of Agent 47 and Diana Burnwood and this is no easy task. The closure part often leaves stitches, see for example Mass effect 3 at Shadow Tomb Raider. Hitman 3 also has “lockout issues” and that for me is the least successful part of the franchise. However, despite the number of levels I was expecting more from, there are also some very good areas that you’ll enjoy. Now, for the last time, we say: “Welcome to 47”.

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Hey 47

The Hitman concept might be clear by now. You are a deadly machine and you are shot down in an open map and then eliminate a number of opponents. How you do it is entirely up to you and often you will get the weirdest and humorous tools to accomplish your goal. It’s a world that only exists in the Hitman franchise, and levels can often be recreated with new crazy killing modes. These core parts will of course remain in this third installment, although you’ll soon notice that the overarching story takes over at times. This story is well told as well, but it doesn’t really match the fun gameplay that you are often presented with. For the first time, the levels sometimes lead to storytelling, although this is not always the case.

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The first level instantly shows you why Hitman 3 is a great game. You will be lowered to the tallest building in Dubai and you will have to take out two people. Before that, you need to enter the building in advance, and if you look down, you will be almost shocked from the height. The game is nice at times and especially if you can look down a few hundred meters you feel like a real killer.

Obviously, achieving your goals at Level 1 can be accomplished in a number of ways. You can choose to complete some missions for your end goal first. For example, this person receives difficult questions from a journalist; Disable it and you will have a private chat with your target, allowing you to take advantage of your opportunity without witnesses. A more difficult but fun way is to sabotage the emergency parachute first and trigger the emergency alarm. Your target will be escorted to jump off the building; The parachute is broken, the mission is successful. Tasty!

Just in the middle
You might not know it yet, but Hitman 3’s developer, IO Interactive, is starting to develop A game inside the James Bond universe. The first mission in Dubai shows exactly why they were the right choice. Agent 47 enters a beautiful skyscraper where there is an expensive party. Wearing a beautiful three-piece suit, he must investigate what the bad guys are doing. It’s like you’re playing a James Bond game and we can’t wait for this next adventure from IO Interactive. We’ll have to wait a while, because they only recently started this project.

Ups and downs

The best example of familiar gameplay and creativity can be found in Great Britain, as Agent 47 must visit a grand mansion in Dartmoor. First of all, this level perfectly depicts the graphics power of the game. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to create a The murder mystery To replace; Any family member is responsible for a tragic event.

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As a criminal investigator, you must collect or fabricate evidence to influence the outcome of the investigation in your favor. Dartmoor is the ultimate pinnacle of Hitman 3 and it shows that the developer still has the creativity at home to innovate under the extremely powerful formula it already has.

We are discussing Hitman 3 in the GN Podcast from the minute 03:03

Then a bug, because Hitman 3 also has a number of levels that lead the story. The assignment in a club in Berlin is beautifully designed, but very simple in design. There are no set objectives, just a number of completely unimportant NPCs to kill. Moreover, it is almost impossible to get creative with murders and that is exactly why we play these games. However, the most annoying task is the last one, which since it depends a lot on the story, is completely linear and thus not fun.


Hitman 3 is a great game and four of the 6 levels are great for you to experience. The two levels that score below the level do so because the story must be completed after three parts. However, this story is not interesting at all and certainly not the reason why fans love these games so much. Levels that do their job well are solid again, with the most outlandish and comedic ways to kill opponents. Hitman 3 is by no means a bad game; Actually, I had a great time with her. It’s only the smaller part of the trilogy and that’s only due to two rather disappointing maps. The other four are from first class A boon for every Hitman fan. Mission 47 accomplished.

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