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It’s been a while since then New Pokemon Snap It appeared in stores and at One Minute Review you already have a mini review of ours Can be watched. Of course we’d also like to take you through a full review, right here on NWTV.

Pokémon games fans know there’s usually only one real goal in the game: Gotta Catch ’em All, but in New Pokemon Snap Is that this is not the only goal. With your camera and some tools, you’ll be zipping through different areas (including the jungle, desert, and beach) to get a perfect photo. Unlike the regular Pokémon game, you don’t manage yourself. It is, as they call it, a game on the rails.

This is an important detail. Because if you love freedom, this probably isn’t your game. However, the advantage is that you can focus completely on the image. You also know better and better when one of the Pokemon does this one action, because the levels are the same every time. By the way, you still have some distinction, because you can definitely provoke an interaction with the things you brought with you.

That works very well at New Pokemon Snap The is that the game has a good build that is neither too fast nor too slow. In the beginning, you get more and more resources to improve your photos and get a better picture of Pokemon. Consider, for example, a scanner that some Pokemon respond to, or an apple they walk on. Plus, you’ll get better and better as you play the levels again. Of course you learn, for example, how this particular Pokemon is only in the picture for a very short time or what you need to do to get the perfect shot.

As for the diversity within the same area, you also have your level for each region. As you advance in an area, Pokemon will also interact differently with you. This is because the Pokemon have become familiar with you, but also because they see that you have more experience. The nice thing is that you can also continue to play the previous regions.

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Once the perfect photo is taken, it’s up to the professor to rate it. This was done in two ways. Initially, the image is awarded from one to four stars. All four levels are important because you must have a picture of all four levels. You can actually find out which star gets a picture before rating and this usually depends on how rare the Pokemon behave in the photo. However, you don’t immediately see the type of star (and the number of points). Fortunately, this is one of the parts where you get better the more you play.

Graphically the game is a real jewel. Of course, we can say with every Switch game that it can’t keep up with new consoles from Microsoft and Sony, but that’s not absolutely necessary. Surely this is the most detailed Pokemon game ever. Not surprising, of course, because the world is much smaller than the world Sword On shieldBut we hope this is a glimpse into the future.

What is striking is that despite the beautiful worlds, little attention was paid to the conversations. In our opinion, this is also the only real downside. The animation in the background repeats itself very regularly and although the characters sometimes utter a word, most of them are written. This is a shame: although neither matter does not define the gameplay, they could have been better solved.

Sure, the playing time is long enough. You can always look out for that picture which is a little better. Plus, you have, for example, the levels that increase for each area and there are a lot of missions. Although the original Pokemon Snap It was also rated very well, and the biggest criticism was that the game was hardly time consuming. There was a little player going through it in six hours and then you would do it all. Bee New Pokemon Snap It seems like it takes about thirty hours to do absolutely everything.

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New Pokemon Snap It is a very fun and challenging game that excels in many areas. It’s beautiful graphically and you shouldn’t be bored for a moment. The only pity is that the chats are less than the rest, but fortunately that doesn’t detract from the gameplay.

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