Rite brings its first small fitness studio to Antwerp: “It’s a party and you burn 800 calories” (Antwerp)

Rite is a boutique fitness studio and specializes in a few group classes: they last about 45 minutes and are very intense. Moreover, the focus is on a complete experience, everything takes place in a beautiful and luxurious setting. Shower gels, body creams, towels, hair dryers, and filtered water, Wright provides it all. Boutique fitness studios are gaining in popularity. This makes sense according to co-founder Nicholas van de Loek. “People just want to be more efficient at spending their time. Short group lessons in which you burn a lot of calories are ideal.”

Co-founder Fredrik Reynders sees traditional subscription fitness centers as obsolete. “You stick with it and many members use it little or no. We are seeing traditional fitness centers with pricey and endless subscriptions getting harder, giving way to small fitness studios.” At Rite, you can’t have a subscription, you always pay for each lesson. One lesson costs 17 euros, you can buy ride tickets. “But the concept remains the same, you can use it when you want to use it,” explains Frederick.

change room. © Rituals

Rite group lessons are open to all. “You don’t really have to be a top athlete, you just have to do it at your level. There is no intention of comparing yourself to others,” Frederick says. Moreover, the lessons are organized in an almost completely dark room. The intent is that you get completely caught up in yourself and not look at others,” says Nicholas.

Two group lessons: “Bike Rite” and “Hi Rite”

Rite will offer two different group classes: “Bike Rite” and “Hi Rite”. They want to be the best at this. “Traditional fitness centers offer everything from boxing to Pilates. You can’t be good at everything,” says Nicholas. For this reason, Rite has invested heavily in the best trainers. “People come to a group teacher class, and they know how to get It gets the best results, and that’s what makes it fun.”


Bike Rite devices. © Rituals

On the other hand, you have a “Bike Rite” group lesson. In it, you train your whole body on a bike using small weights and other exercises. On the other hand, there is a group lesson “Hi Rite”. Strength, cardio and resistance exercises are combined. You alternate between different disciplines every three to four minutes. The lesson lasts 45 minutes, and you are always led by fine music. “It’s like being at a party, the only difference is you’re not drunk and you burn 800 calories.”

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“The love of sport brought us together”

Frederic Reynders (33) and Nicholas van de Loek (32).

Frederic Reynders (33) and Nicholas van de Loek (32). © Rituals

About a year ago, the two friends decided to start a business together. Now, a year later, Rite is finally opening its doors. “We took the adventure because of our love of the sport and because we noticed that such a concept was not yet available in Antwerp,” says Nicholas. “And I think sport can take the city to the next level. We would like to contribute to that,” Frederick says.

The Rite is located in Kloosterstraat. “The requirement was a central location, where people could easily come and exercise before or after work. I think this is just the Kloosterstraat, it is very accessible and centrally located,” explains Nicholas.

Empty stadium in Belgium

You may see the ritual appear in different Belgian cities soon. “In Belgium, a boutique fitness studio is a completely new concept, and we have an empty stadium here. We will look into the future where the logical possibilities lie. For example, if there is a huge demand in Antwerp, we can expand further here. But of course, says Nicholas: There are other interesting cities like Ghent and Brussels.” “But first we have to make sure the concept gets off to a good start here, and that’s what our focus is on now.”

The Rite opens on Tuesday, April 19, and they’ll be flying in from day one. “Five lessons were already scheduled, they suddenly filled up,” Nicholas says. “The first lesson is also free, everyone can test our group lessons.”

Equipment needed to take lessons

Equipment needed to take “Hi Rite” lessons. © Rituals

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