ROC teacher Den Helder wants more attention to students’ mental health

Today, her classmates highlighted teacher Susan Langelan from the Republic of China at Dean Helder. Last weekend, the MBO teacher failed to win the title of Teacher of the Year. “But for us you are number 1,” said driver Edwin Prussen. She finds it especially important to convey her message.

Educator Susan Langelan highlights her colleagues – NH / Matthijs Gemmink

Susan Langelan has been nominated by her students to be elected Teacher of the Year. “Of course, it was a great honour,” she says at her school at Sportlaan in Den Helder. She was the only one from North Holland who was among the contenders last weekend. “I found all the attention very difficult. But in the end it comes down to the message I want to convey. I think we should work more on the mental health of the students.”

It is clear to the teacher that in addition to the usual teaching material, more time should be given to find out how young people feel in life. “When I started teaching, I noticed that they face a lot more challenges than just learning. They can suffer from achievement motivation, but also have bleak negative thoughts. We need to pay attention to that so we can make sure that they are living life consciously.”

Watch how surprised Langellan was in her class this morning. The text continues below the video.

ROC teacher Den Helder wants more attention to mental health students – NH Nieuws

Students nominated Susan Langelan for a reason. They are very happy with her approach. “She gives good lessons and pays a lot of attention to us outside of lessons,” says Ann. “She’s always there for us, even on the weekends.” Before class, it’s like: “You should have just won. For us, she’s #1.”

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ROC Kop van Noord-Holland, her own school, will work on her ideas. “We’re going to make a quick date to discuss how to address this at school,” Edwin Bruce said this morning. Langelan gladly accepted this invitation. “I hope this spreads like an oil slick,” she said proudly.

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