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Argue or not, explicit at Roger We are committed to their contract with RTL and so there is work to be done. This time the two cranes can be found at Berkeley Inchot, where they highlight the now well-known hotel and restaurant From Drueventrus.

Records are in full swing and Frank – temporarily confined to a wheelchair with a broken ankle – is very happy about it. “We enjoy working together and that’s what we want, right?” He says in front of the camera RTL Boulevard. Roger adds: “We shine from ear to ear …”


But what if this is really the case? “You did something for me, yes,” said Roger, with tears streaming down his cheeks. “Stop…”

When the camera started working again, Frank took the floor: “Of course we’ve been together for seventeen years. You don’t just get rid of that. But on the other hand, you have to make decisions every now and then in life that isn’t fun either. Well, we’ve made those decisions.” “.


The couple, who have been together for seventeen years, have been living apart for some time. But divorce on paper is not necessary at the moment, says Frank: “We haven’t thought about it yet. We broke up, that’s a fine step. I think it’s better for both of us.”

Roger: “Sure. We’re still together, but we just live apart. I’ve also furnished a nice new apartment.”

Frank asks regularly about his condition. “Then I say, ‘Things are going well. “Roger is many years younger than me. I got comfortable and he’s got his own world. Well, how beautiful is she? We can still work together. So there’s nothing better than what we have.”

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