Royals on Sunday – Westminster Abbey and Princess Caroline in stocking by Louboutin given carte blanche

In the footsteps of Charles III

After the coronation on May 6, many visitors to Westminster Abbey can follow in these footsteps. King Charles III steps. They may be in the same place where Charles will be crowned. The only condition is that they take off their shoes so as not to damage the ornate, fragile mosaic floor.

WATCH – This is what the ancient mosaic floor at Westminster Abbey looks like:

This is a unique opportunity as this part of a medieval church in London is not normally accessible. It’s about a place where only the clergy are allowed to enter, just before the high altar where Charles’s predecessors have been crowned for the past 700 years.

Ground closed since 1870. It wasn’t until 2008 that the rolls of carpeting were removed so that the floor could be reclaimed and returned to its proper place. The floor will be seen on TV for the first time at Charles’ coronation. From May 15 to July 29, visitors can enjoy a guided tour.

The restoration took two years and cost more than 600,000 euros.

2008 Getty Images

Henry III In 1260 England commissioned the site for the then abbey’s high altar. Italian craftsmen and English masons were invited. “It’s a special work of art for Westminster Abbey, but we don’t have mosaic floors like this in England for our country,” says curator Vanessa Simeoni.

Enigmatic mosaic, as it is called Kasmati (After four generations of an Italian family of marble workers), there are rare gems, glassware and marble recycled from Roman monuments. On the ground was originally an inscription in copper letters. That secret message means the end of the world.

Luxembourg has a new prince

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has one Prince, one Prince Regent. François Henri Louis was the youngest son of Marie Guillaume Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and his Belgian wife Stephanie. He is brother Prince Charles and third in line to the throne.

Prince François was born on the morning of March 27.

©StudioByC/C.Maia – Cour Grand-Ducale

Father Guillaume came to talk to reporters about the new addition to his family, and his parents, Grand Duke Henry And Grand Duchess Maria TheresaThey were having a baby shower for 2-year-old Charles when he went into labor.

WATCH – A proud Guillaume reveals the birth (English Sub):

Stress caused by a pen

This is an open secret: Charles A borderline obsessive perfectionist. For British royals, it’s always a bit stressful. But the Germans are famous for them Grundlichkeit (or perfection).

President’s Chief of Ethics Frank Walter Steinmeier So the fountain pen Charles uses to sign the guest book at Schloss Bellevue promises to work perfectly. “Our pen never fails,” he joked in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Staff checked the pen several times.

However, Charles took no chances and used his own pen. He took them out of his jacket and took a good look.

Queen Camilla is holding the British pen, but the German pen is clearly poised (upright, forward).

The King learned his lessons after an embarrassing moment when his pen leaked during a visit to Northern Ireland last year. His hand was full of ink and he lost his composure. “Every once in a while. Rotten”, replies Charles grumpily as the cameras roll.

WATCH – Charles gets into trouble with his pen twice (September 2022):

Ours too King Philip Well prepared, he carries his own pen on visits. In January, Philip’s pen for the Golden Book went missing from a residential care center in Kortrijk. It was an expensive Montblanc pen.

A Danish move to America raises questions

In Denmark, questions are being raised about the announced transfer Prince Joachim and his family. They will move from France to America next summer, where the youngest son Queen Margaret He will begin serving as a defense diplomat at the Danish Embassy in Washington. The appointment is valid for three years and may be extended.

A pin on the side is the donation that Joachim receives, which is nothing less than every year. 500,000 euros. Although he will continue to work in Denmark, it is unlikely that he will undertake many official duties in his home country. Subtlety: Joachim “will be available for this, as long as the new job allows”.

Crown Prince Frederik, Prince Joachim and Queen Margrethe: The youngest prince is also taking a hard line in Denmark.

Image Alliance / Royal Press Europe

Parliament will consider the matter in its first session on April 11, particularly on the penny issue. Danish royals who are “outside the kingdom” require parliamentary approval for the allowance.

Joachim has been posted as security attaché in Paris for several years. For this he also followed military training. Even then, “Prince is the highest paid Danish player” is a strong criticism. Joachim will also receive a grant in France. His wife Princess Mary He is currently working as a cultural representative at the Danish Embassy there. She doesn’t get government stipend.

Louboutin fixes “Bollywood” in Monte-Carlo

The prestigious Ball de la Rose, which has been compared to the American Met Gala, took place in Monaco. This time the colorful theme was Bollywood and the entire family of the leader signed Princess Caroline Currently.

Sons Andrea And Pierre Casiraghi They were flanked by their wives Tatiana Santo Domingo and Beatrice Borromeo. Eldest daughter Charlotte Casiraghi Partner Dmitry Razam came to the gala party without his daughter Alexandra of Hanover Accompanying friend Ben Sylvester Stratman.

Princess Caroline's four children came to support their mother.  Only son-in-law Dimitri Rassam was missing.


It is a French designer Christian Louboutin The singer is again responsible for the decoration of the gala event Mika (“Relax, Take It Easy”, “Grace Kelly”, “Big Girl”) Prince Albert Take to the dance floor. Eight hundred guests included French tennis player Gail Monfils and (Bond) singer Shirley Bassey.

Guests can easily pay between 850 and 2,700 euros for a seat at Sporting Monte-Carlo’s Salle des Étoilles. Enthusiasm Enough: Those who book too late will end up on a waiting list. Collected money will be added Princess Grace Installation.

Prince Albert was accompanied by his sister Caroline, the leader.

Eight hundred guests pay for a sumptuous dinner, dance performances and a traditional raffle.

Christian Louboutin - the famous high heel man with the red shoe - and Mika have fun during a photo shoot.

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