RTV Vechtdal – Channel closure in Ommermars

March 17, 2024

OMMEN – There are many reactions to the flooding of a channel in Ommermars. It is understood that a huge pile of sand has formed in the canal due to the river supplying sand and erosion of the banks during high water levels.

With the current low water level, the channel is completely closed on the flowing side of the Fisht River. The response to this may be to create flow again using a mechanical or non-mechanical trowel. This would certainly happen if water safety was at stake. But this is not true. So, it takes time to notice what will happen.

Ommermars' goal is also to let nature take its course wherever possible. It is precisely in this part of Ommermars that a landscape was created showing how Vechtdal came into existence. It now also shows how surprisingly this landscape can change. The newly created riverbanks and steep banks have a positive impact on many species of birds (for lovers: common plover, sandpiper, green jay, white-tailed, oystercatcher, sand martin, kingfisher), and insects (such as the rare brown stonecrop). The fact that the canal is now closed at low tide is not a problem, nature can take its course and it is exciting and educational to see how it will develop further and what effects this will have on insects, birds and plants. See also www.ommermars.nl.

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    Omermars press release
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