Russia begins withdrawing its soldiers from regions on the Ukrainian border | abroad

After the controversial army maneuvers in the annexed Crimea, Russia began, Friday, to announce the withdrawal of its soldiers from the border areas.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced, Friday, that the soldiers who participated in the exercises will return to their military bases. Military gear is towed by rail, freight and air traffic. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the withdrawal of troops from Crimea and western Russia would begin on Friday and continue until May 1.

Ukraine and NATO countries were concerned about the increase in Russian forces in the regions bordering Ukraine. Shoigu had already announced his return to the barracks on Thursday. The related decree went into effect on Friday.

At the Opoek training site, the rise of soldiers on board warships began. About 10,000 soldiers were stationed there during the exercises. The fighters who took part also returned to their bases.

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