Russia confirms its attack on “foreign mercenaries” near the Polish border

Russia says it attacked the Yavorev training center. This center is close to the Polish border. The US Department of Defense says it will defend NATO territory if necessary.

Russia confirmed the attack on the Yavoriv training center by reporting that “180 foreign mercenaries” were killed in an attack on the center near the western city of Lviv. In that missile attack, the Russians would also have disabled a large amount of weapons supplied by other countries. A spokesman for the Russian army said in a press briefing that Russia will continue its attacks against the so-called foreign mercenaries. Ukraine said 35 people were killed in the missile attack and 134 wounded.

In response to Russian missile launches near the Polish border, the US Department of Defense reiterated that the US and its allies would defend NATO territory in the event of an attack. “An armed attack on one person is an armed attack on everyone,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told ABC on Sunday.

For the same reason, Kirby said, the United States and NATO will strengthen their presence on the eastern border of NATO territory. Jake Sullivan, US President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, told NBC on Sunday that the United States would defend every part of NATO territory. However, Sullivan said that the US military would not intervene directly on Ukrainian soil to avoid confrontation with Russia.

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