Russia launches a tourist trip to places President Putin loves to relax | Abroad

It was the head of Rostourism – Zarina Dogozova – who announced the news on the sidelines of “St. Peter’s Church”. Petersburg International Economic Forum” which is being held this week. She described it as “a very special trip like no other”.

The flight goes to Siberia and includes Krasnoyarsk, Khakassia and the Tuva Autonomous Republic. “We combine incredibly beautiful nature with the ethnicity of the Siberian peoples and unique artifacts, such as the gold of the Scythians, the tombs of the leaders of the prehistoric kingdoms of the Central Yenisei and the places of Buddhist worship. We have also included an engineering marvel on the way: the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station (The largest in Russia, ed.) said Dogozova.

The first groups of travelers will depart next month for an eight-day trip. A total of 1,200 kilometers will be covered in this regard.

Rostourism also suggested four more national tours, visiting other parts of Russia. In total, there is now a choice of 24 flights.

This year, Russia is allocating 1.2 billion rubles or 20 million euros to expand supply. Next year it will amount to 3.1 billion rubles or 52 million euros.

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