Russia wants millions of euros from Norway…because 42 reindeer entered its territory

Russia is demanding millions of euros in compensation from Oslo for crossing the border with Norwegian reindeer. A dispute that might seem comical at first… had it not been for the slaughter of dozens of animals now.

in the news. A struggle between Russia and Norway over reindeer.

  • Norway announced this week that it will repair part of the fence on the border with Russia.
  • The decision was prompted by a huge bill they received from Moscow. Due to the illegal entry of Norwegian reindeer into Russian territory.

the details. Deer will destroy a nature reserve.

  • Norway and Russia share a border of about 200 km. Most are surrounded by fencing designed to prevent Scandinavian reindeer from entering the neighboring Russian Pacific Nature Reserve.
  • This reindeer proof fence has been around for nearly 70 years. Norway deer are prohibited from feeding on moss and shrubs and trampling Russian garden plants.
  • However, some parts of the fence are outdated. Because of this, the Norwegian reindeer can now easily cross it. A team from the Russian Nature Reserve counted more than 42 reindeer that crossed the border between December 2022 and January 2023.
  • The Russians have compensated for the damage: they are asking Norway for just over 4 million euros.

How can Russia be sure that these 42 reindeer are in fact Norwegian? The answer is simple: there are no Russian farmers in this region. “It turns out that their reindeer are eaten with us and then used by Norwegian farmers for meat,” explained the director of the Russian reserve. port b, a local way. “If we had wild reindeer [aan de Russische kant van het reservaat]We will not ask questions of Norway, because then it will be a country of general population.”

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Norway has killed 40 of its 42 reindeer

And now: any solution?

  • According to an independent expert on the protection of Russian protected areas, he was interviewed by Moscow TimesThe Russians’ arguments are correct: the reindeer do indeed risk having a “significant impact on the ecosystem” of the Russian nature reserve. Their presence can lead to soil erosion and deterioration of plant life.
  • However, he points out that the requested compensation violates the Russian-Norwegian agreement of 1977. This obliges Russia to allow these animals to cross the Russian border.
    • He says that this is the first time in this region, and possibly all over the world.
  • At the moment, Norway has not yet responded to the Russian request. Local Russian authorities have already warned that they will refer the matter to the Russian Foreign Ministry if the Scandinavian country refuses to pay.
  • Meanwhile, the Norwegian Agriculture Agency has announced that it will spend just over €320,000 on replacing part of the seven-kilometre fence.
    • The task seems perilous, because the Norwegian workers have to make sure they don’t walk on the other side of the border.
    • “If a worker entered Russia without a Russian visa, it would be illegal entry,” said a Norwegian official.

As for the reindeer guilty of illegal immigration, 40 of them were returned to Norway and killed there, the Associated Press reported. The two remaining deer, still wandering, are likely to meet the same fate soon. To prevent them from making another foray into Russian lands. (Acronym II.)

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