Russian President Vladimir Putin: Relationship with United …

Russian-American relations have hit rock bottom since Democrat Joe Biden took office in the White House. Russian President Vladimir Putin said this in his first interview in years with an American news outlet. NBC News’ interview with Putin will be broadcast in full on Monday.

Putin gave the interview to NBC ahead of his meeting with Biden next week. “Our bilateral relations have deteriorated to their lowest level in recent years,” said Putin, who has improved his relationship with Biden’s Republican predecessor, Donald Trump. Despite this, Putin said in the interview that he hoped Biden would be less impulsive than Trump, whom he called “colored.”

Biden has previously described Putin as a “murderer,” referring to attempts to assassinate many of Putin’s opponents since the former KGB agent took control of the Kremlin. In an interview with NBC, Putin said he had heard dozens of such allegations and was not concerned about them. Putin denied Biden’s claim of “manly behavior” from Hollywood films and said Biden’s speech was “part of American political culture, where it is considered normal.”

In the interview, Putin also discussed last year’s large-scale cyber attack on US governments and companies. He denied knowledge of the attack. US intelligence agencies have repeatedly stated that a Russian hacker group is most likely behind the computer intrusions. Putin also denied knowing anything about Russian satellite technology that will be delivered to Iran.

Biden embarked on his first European trip this week. Putin will meet next Wednesday in Geneva, Switzerland, before returning to Washington on Air Force One.

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