SAGE expert says Govt rules may be needed for the next two winters

Govt science adviser warns that Govt restrictions such as the lockout that began in the UK today may be needed for the next two winters.

His comments follow Professor Chris Witty, the UK’s chief medical officer, who said the Cobbid rules could be needed by the end of 2021.

Graham Medley, a professor of epidemiological modeling at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee (Sage) for Emergencies, said the country could be out of the loop in mid-February.

Speaking in private, he told BBC Radio 4’s Today’s: “I think this is possible, at which point it was the government’s decision to do so.

“But it really depends on what happens in terms of infection rates over the next five weeks, like March and April.

“We still know now, however, that the epidemic is on the rise, and looking for that peak, we hope it will happen soon.”

When asked about Professor Chris Witty’s comments that restrictions may be needed next winter, he said: “We are coming a long way and we still have a long way to go for this epidemic.

“Vaccination is one way, but I think he’s right to raise the possibility that next winter or even the winter after that, the government should take action again to prevent another big eruption as we see the resurgence of Govt.

“It simply came to our notice then. We are now very confident that this virus is seasonal, so it will subside with the advent of spring and summer, which then gives us an extra chance to produce and especially to vaccinate everyone. ”

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