Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is getting a new security update

The update with the September patch is ready to install for your Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. The device receives its updates every three months, and was definitely ready for a new patch – although not the latest one.

Galaxy S10 Lite September 2023 update

Although most Galaxy S10 models haven’t received updates since April, there’s one model that’s still holding out. The Galaxy S10 Lite was released about a year after the first three models, so it will also receive security patches for a long time. The last release was the June patch, so with a quarterly schedule, it’s time for a new update.

Indeed, exactly this has been brought up since yesterday. Firmware version G770FXXS8HWI1 installs patches until September. It’s not the latest, but the device could last at least until December.

The update, of course, does not bring any new features to the Galaxy S10 Lite. Unfortunately, that time has passed. But for now, the device will receive updates until the beginning of 2024, meaning at least one or two updates from now on.

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Availability and installation

The update is now available on all Galaxy S10 Lite models sold in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can restore it by waiting for the automatic notification. Or you can go directly via Institutions unpleasant system update And choose there Download and install.

By the way…

Elsewhere in the world, a new update is also rolling out to the Galaxy S10, S10e and S10+. This is the first update after the official end of the support period for these devices. Although it is not clear if and when this update will come to Europe and the Netherlands, we can confirm that Samsung is occasionally testing new firmware for devices. So there is a possibility that a new update for the Galaxy S10 will be released here sooner or later. However, we do not dare to make a concrete prediction.

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