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6 new features coming to Android this summer

Google adds new features to Android every year to make the user experience as polished as possible. This summer we see six new functions, which will be widely available on almost all Android devices. We receive hundreds of messages every day. This can make it difficult to detect important messages. You can now star an important message, so you don’t have to search unnecessarily for a long time later. In May, Google introduced a new “Recently Used” section of the emoji sticker picker, so you can easily find a frequently used sticker.

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Motorola Defy is a powerful smartphone with modest specifications

Motorola challenges the official

Motorola has announced a powerful new smartphone. The Motorola Challenge is the so-called bumpy, rough, tough The smartphone was made in collaboration with Bullitt. This company specializes in powerful devices that were previously sold, for example, under CatAnd Android phones named Landrover were released. The Defy is the first result of a collaboration between Motorola and Bullitt. The durable smartphone has a powerful additional housing, and is therefore suitable for active users or people who work in construction, for example. The Motorola Defy is dust- and water-resistant, but it can also take a beating. The device has passed numerous drop tests and is extensively tested to make sure it can withstand the elements.

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“Samsung Galaxy S22 gets smaller and S22 Plus returns to plastic’

Samsung fuchsia

According to a tweet from Morey QHD, the insider who often leaks the right information, the Samsung Galaxy S22 On S22 more slightly smaller than their ancestors. For example, the regular Galaxy S22 has a 6.06-inch screen, while the current S21 has a 6.2-inch screen. With the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, the difference is slightly larger: 6.55 inches compared to 6.7 inches. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is once again the model with the largest screen. According to rumors, this device will have a 6.81-inch screen, which is the same as the current one S21 Ultra. The tweet also states that only the S22 Ultra will have an ltpo panel.

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OnePlus and Oppo merge: Here’s what it means to you

OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus and Oppo have the same parent company, BBK Electronica. This company is also behind the Realme and Vivo brands. OnePlus has now announced that it will continue to work with Oppo. OnePlus could operate independently under the Oppo flag, OnePlus Director Pete Lau promised. So he says that the OnePlus brand will continue to exist and the merger with Oppo will bring various benefits to OnePlus smartphone owners. For example, OnePlus will have “more resources at its disposal to develop better products,” which seems to mean that the development and manufacturing of Oppo and OnePlus smartphones will go hand in hand.

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Gmail has been having big problems for days: Do you know them?

Gmail - Play Store Reviews, June 2021

For a large group of users Gmail The app for all their email traffic. A few days ago, there were several issues with syncing email and Android app, among other things. In recent days, the comments left on the Play Store have also been very negative. In addition to not receiving emails, all kinds of other problems were mentioned as well. Some people can no longer open files, such as PDFs. Other people say that sending emails is no longer possible, or that the search function is not working. editors Android Planet Of course he’s also looked into this same thing, but not everyone has (same problems).

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