Scientists discover a new “chocolate frog” in New Guinea swamps the animals

Chocolate frog resembles the appearance of its cousin, Australian green tree frog. As the last frog’s name suggests, it is green in color, unlike the chocolate frog. Color is immediately the most noticeable difference between the two types of frog. However, genetic research has shown that there are many (small) differences that have allowed the researchers to conclude that the two species are separate. They described this in a paper in the Journal of Commerce Australian Journal of Zoology.

For example, the chocolate frog has lavender-colored spots behind its eyes and is slightly smaller than its green cousin. In addition, Litoria mira is found in a swampy area of ​​New Guinea. In northern and northeastern Australia – the largest habitat of the green tree frog – there is a tropical savannah climate, indicating that the chocolate frog is not found in that area.

Paul Oliver, a researcher who conducted genetic research on the “chocolate frog”, said: “We named the new frog Litoria myra because” Mira “means” in Latin astonished or amazed. “Litoria is the name of the scientific genus to which 92 species of frog belong. Admittedly, it was a surprising discovery finding a new relative of Australia’s most famous green tree frog.

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