Scotland wants to hold a referendum if necessary


The Scottish Government wants to hold a new referendum on independence, with or without London. Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Tuesday said he would force a referendum “if necessary” but “legally.”

Source: Belka

However, Edinburgh confronted the British government, which did not “respect democracy or the rule of law,” said a Scottish National Party (SNP) politician. Since Scotland belongs to the UK, the federal government in London must approve the referendum.

Sturgeon said it would soon present plans on how to avoid the London Fiat. He added that the Scottish Parliament “has a democratic mandate that cannot be challenged”. The aim is to allow Scotland to vote on independence by the end of next year.

Immediately a wind blew from London. A spokesman said Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not believe it was “time to talk about a second referendum”.

The Scottish government on Tuesday released the first of a series of documents on what the future holds for an independent Scotland. In a 2014 referendum, 55 percent of Scots voted against leaving the UK. However, the SNP and its Green Alliance partner argue that Brexit has fundamentally changed the situation. Sixty-two percent of Scottish people voted against Brexit. The Scottish Government is committed to Scotland’s re-entry into the European Union.

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