Senate violates Donald Trump’s veto on defense spending bill | Republicans

Donald Trump’s fellow Republicans in the U.S. Senate on Friday launched a bizarre insurgency to violate his veto for the first time in his presidency.

The Senate introduced a bill on defense spending against Trump’s strong objections – 20 days before he stepped down.

The Senate, which met at a rare New Year’s Day session, received a two-thirds majority needed to overturn the veto with two-party support two days before the new Congress takes office on Sunday.

The previous eight videos of the law have been confirmed. Under the U.S. Constitution, the president has the power to veto a bill passed by Congress, but lawmakers can support a bill if two-thirds of the House of Representatives and Senate vote to override it.

The Republican-led Senate, following the Democratic House of Representatives on Monday, passed the move without Trump’s support, voting 81-13 on Friday afternoon.

Violation of Trump’s veto marks a significant departure for GOP senators, who stood out heavily by the president during the turbulent White House.

But Trump’s objections to the bill have worked for months to unify the bipartisan bill, angering lawmakers who have been proud to pass the military bill for 60 years each year, and voted to boycott his opposition to it.

40 740 billion The National Security Accreditation Act (NDAA) determines everything from military and construction projects to how to deal with geopolitical threats.

Trump refused to sign the law because it failed to repeal Section 230 of the federal law, which provides legal shields for Internet companies, and includes a provision to remove the names of federal commanders from military bases.

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“We have passed this law for 59 consecutive years. One way or another, we are going to complete the 60th NDAA and bring it into law before this Congress concludes on Sunday, ”said Senate President Mitch McConnell.

With votes counting for Trump’s defeat in the war, the president Tweeted, The new Congress officially raised a protest scheduled for Wednesday in Washington Election College Votes Certificate from Democrat Joe Biden Presidential victory In the November election.

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