Several April temperature records have been broken in Spain

The extraordinary heatwaves that have hit Spain so far in April have shattered several temperature records, even in locations with more than a century of meteorological data. The northern part of mainland Spain was particularly vulnerable to this extreme heat, with several provinces setting new record highs for April, for both maximum and minimum temperatures.

Many places in Spain experience exceptionally high temperatures at this time of year. The highest temperature so far was recorded by the Spanish meteorological service AEMET on Tenerife With 38.3 degrees. It was very warm on Saturday and Sunday as well during the short (unofficial) heat wave.

The highest temperatures were recorded on Saturday Canary Islands With 34.6 degrees on Tenerife34.4 degrees Gran CanariaBut also 33.6 garden Burgos (Castile and Leon)33.2 degrees Ourense (Galicia) And 33 degrees Torla-Ordesa (Huesca), High in the Spanish Pyrenees. The weather remained exceptionally warm on Sunday Canary Islands The high was 34.9 degrees, and the mercury also rose to 32.6 degrees in the south of the governorate Tarragona (Catalonia).

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