Sexologist Pius (24 years old) receives a fine of 16,000 euros –

Psychologist Bosi Aydin

The Advertising Commission imposed a fine of 550,059 Turkish liras (about 15,677 euros) on Buse Aydın for presenting herself as a “sexologist” even though she was not licensed to work in the health sector.

The fine was imposed due to her answers to sexual questions during the live broadcast and the controversial reactions she sometimes provided.

The reason for the fine was that Busi Aydin presented herself as a “sexologist” even though she was not qualified to work in the health sector.

After the fine, Boz Aydin shared a statement on her social media account. She said the following: “Hello everyone, first of all, there is no problem with my work as a psychiatrist. You know, I’ve always started my videos with “sexologist,” but apparently I shouldn’t call myself a “sexologist” because that title doesn’t exist. This was the first reason for the fine.”

“The second reason is that the videos about conditions such as vaginismus and premature ejaculation, which are considered medical conditions, were the domain of doctors and therefore I was not allowed to provide information about those topics. That’s why we removed the videos. Many people have benefited from these videos and we have received many positive responses.”

“You know that in Türkiye no success goes unpunished. No problem, we have completely changed the content. “My job hasn’t changed, we just changed the title.”

Who is Busi Aydin?

Psychiatrist Busi Aydin answered questions related to sexual problems posed to her on social media. With her unique style that stands out and sometimes gives interesting answers, Buse Aydın has hosted live broadcasts on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

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