Shadow of the Colossus, developer of The Last Guardian teases the next game

GenDesign is a studio made up of developers who have previously worked on hit games like EcoAnd the shadow of the ColossusAnd more recently The last guardHe started showing off what he’s working on next. While there isn’t much to see for this mysterious project yet, a new image has recently been edited for the game.

Ended on the official GenDesign siteThe studio updated the front page of the site to display a new greeting that wished well for fans in 2021. However, the same webpage also contains an image showing four of the games the studio has worked on. The three addresses mentioned above at EcoAnd the shadow of the ColossusAnd and The last guard It appears in the photo, as the fourth game clearly shown was the studio’s latest project.

As for what we can extract from this image of the new puzzle game, well, there isn’t much to see. Aesthetically, it appears to be in keeping with what GenDesign has worked on in the past and features a vivid color palette. We can also see a character who appears to be wearing a coat of some sort standing next to what might have been a rock. Water and grass also surround this character.

Although GenDesign hasn’t officially revealed what this new title will look like yet, there are some basic details about it that we already know. Work on the project is said to have started early in 2018. Last year, it was also announced Epic Games will fund game development. GenDesign retains full control and ownership of the same IP while profits are split 50/50 between the two parties.

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It is not known when the latest GenDesign game may arrive, but based on this agreement with Epic, it should reach a variety of platforms. Although it had previously released all of its games for PlayStation platforms only, it now looks like Xbox and PC players will be able to take the action forward.

We hope this initial teaser from GenDesign to start the year means the studio is looking forward to sharing more about the game in 2021. If it ends up coming out, we’ll let you know clearly. Here on

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