Shakira fans come to her defense amid fresh comparisons to J Lo Doc

Jennifer Lopez Looks like he wasn’t happy about sharing the stage with him Shakira – And now their fans are having a debate.. who is the biggest star between them?

The question was asked through a statement on Twitter, which has since gone viral and has gone viral – with many people sharing their voices. Organo Gold stated that “Shakira has never been older than J Lo EVER in her career – and I love Shakira.”

The reason this is being discussed is because of the new J Lo-doc, “Halftime,” which premiered on Tribeca… where Jenny plays some serious sour jokes about her Super Bowl party.

According to reports, BTS is documenting what happened on Jennifer and Shakira’s Halftime Show Shared address in 2020 …Jane was quoted as saying, “This is the worst idea in the world for two people to do a Super Bowl…the worst idea in the world.”

It’s also been described as having had some ups and downs with Shakira herself – who during rehearsals stressed the importance of including her songs in the performance, following NFL guidelines… which Jennifer says, “If it’s a double title, they should have given us 20 minutes.” They should have done it.”

Her manager, Benny Medina, got to the movie’s main point: “It was an insult to think that you needed two Latinas to do the work an artist had done in the past.”

Now if you jump into the “J Lo” trend… you’ll see people totally champion Shakira, pointing to record prices and sales (worldwide) where Jen has excelled.

Some say that Jane is not famous here in the States for her music, but more than that… her beauty, her body, and/or other significant figures. Which is… interesting.

Anyway, there’s been little reaction to Jennifer’s brutal honesty about how she feels about marrying Shakira…some are seeing Jen appear as a very, very young singer (in a bad way). Meanwhile, others are giving props to Jen to keep it real.

But we have to ask the question because it’s out now.. does Twitter have a look at the strength of the Shakira star around the world, especially against Jennifer Lopez??? Hmm…

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