Short play sessions and “on-demand” journeys from Season 11 in Sea of ​​Thieves

Season 11 of Sea of ​​Thieves is on the horizon. The game developers provide detailed explanations about the new season in a new video.

The video above shows what we already suspected when seeing the first images of Season 11. The season and its updates are all about shorter play sessions and more control for players over the adventures they want to experience. Regarding the latter, the holding of global events “on demand” is of course an eye-catching innovation.

World events and hero items

Players can play World Events at their request from Season 11 onwards. Starting in the new season, World Events will be accommodated as corporate travel, with which you can go directly from outposts to World Events via fast travel. This should also allow you to get to places with a lot of adventure more quickly and collect loot. New loot is also added to World Events, called Hero Items. These items are specific to the global event type and can only be provided to the relevant trading company.

However, not all events can be played on-demand. Fort of the Damned and Fort of Luck were excluded. In the video, the developers indicate their considerations for not adding these events. According to them, these events determine the overall atmosphere of the server. These are events where players abandon their journey to quickly travel to forts and grab extremely valuable treasures. If these world events were added on demand, the world events would lose a lot of their charm and perhaps also at the expense of server dynamics.

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Task Schedule + Discover tab

Revamping the quest schedule on ships will play a central role in the upcoming update. Obviously, Quest Table brings together everything there is to experience in Sea of ​​​​Thieves. Through the table, players can see all the types of journeys the game has to offer, and then the journey can begin immediately. When choosing journeys and tall tales, it also becomes clearer how long they can last, so players (and certainly new players) should be better able to make choices about what they want to do with the time they have.

The video also explains what the Discover tab does and how it should help new players become more familiar with the game and the systems behind the gameplay suggestions the game will give you.

Explore and add S-tier loot

Faster play sessions and on-demand world event play may be at the expense of a group simply sailing off-site and looking for adventure. In order to maintain the absolute freedom that Sea of ​​Thieves has always offered, so-called S-Tier loot will be added to the world with the introduction of Season 11. Starting from the new season, players can find very valuable loot in random places in the world. So it’s worth setting sail and seeing where the sea takes you.


All business progress, except Hunters Call, will be increased to level 100. When players reach level 100, they will receive a distinction. For each business, players can earn a maximum of 5 x distinction. This means that you can progress 5 times until level 100. For each distinction, players have the chance to unlock a ring of the relevant trading company. Ultimately, players can unlock 5 rings from each business. Additionally, players can unlock many different types of promotions and specific items from the relevant trading company associated with them.

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In short, Season 11 is full of innovations and I am very curious to see how Season 11 will reach the community when it is available from January 23, 2024.


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