Should the Army Convert Old G-Classes to EVs?

Defense has been selling old Mercedes G-Class and old DAF trucks for a while now. Further This month Would it be possible to re-bid an old G-class spigot with camouflage? But is selling the right move? Wouldn’t it be good for defense to convert them to electric vehicles? We don’t have an answer to that question, but the British Army soon.

In the United Kingdom, they remove the diesel engines from older Defenders and then install an electric powertrain. They are currently transferring four guards for trial. We have enough old G-Classes in the Netherlands for a possible conversion. Otherwise they will rot.

Once converted, Land Rover Defenders are allowed to participate in a variety of experimental military scenarios. They have to climb steep slopes, drive through deep water and sweep through various climates. Electrogenic (you know it from this Citroen DS) and Babcock are the companies behind the EV conversion.

A spokesman for Babcock said: ‘With diesel becoming obsolete, this is an excellent opportunity for the British Army to explore alternative engine technology to help extend the life of its Land Rovers. I’m excited to see how the modified Land Rovers perform in a test environment against their diesel and hybrid equivalents.

Does it really make sense?

We can’t imagine many scenarios where an electric car would be more practical for the military. Here in the Netherlands you can use them during barracks and exercises, but in an emergency situation you don’t have to wait until the battery is fully charged; As soon as the car is needed, it can be driven immediately. We are curious about the results of the British Army.

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