Six fines (worth 339 euros) were distributed to travelers in …

This was stated by a spokesperson for the Mayor of Haarlemmer Marian Schurmans, who is also the head of the Kenmerland Safety District. Travelers entering the country from a “high risk area” must be quarantined for ten days or five if they test negative on the fifth day. Examples of such countries are Suriname, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

A team from ANWB is contacting all travelers from high-risk countries on behalf of the Department of Health, Welfare and Sports. If there are suspicions that people are not complying with the quarantine obligation, the security district takes action.

339 EUR

In Kenmerland, this has so far resulted in 23 home visits and six fines of €339. The Kennemerland safety zone includes the municipalities of Beverwijk, Blumendal, Haarlem, Haarlemmermeer, Heimskerk, Heimstead, Utgeist, Velsen and Zandvoort.

One traveler slipped away: “No single person’s home visit was made for logistical reasons,” says the spokesperson.

It is not known to the safety zone how many people need to be quarantined in Kenmerland right now. “We have no idea about this. We are only passed on in cases where it is suspected that the person in question is not complying with the quarantine obligation.”

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