Six million euros for accurate picture of European greenhouse gas emissions – News

Under the leadership of Utrecht University, seventeen companies will detect and measure all major greenhouse gases in eight European countries over the next four years. New insights are essential to improving both greenhouse gas reduction and countries’ emissions reports, which are compiled annually at the request of the United Nations. plan, Paris Named, it received 6 million euros from the Horizon Europe funding program.

Once a year, RIVM and partners set up a National Inventory Report Together with the Netherlands for the United Nations. This report provides an overview of all significant greenhouse gas emissions and is required by all 198 member states. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC): Parent Agreement of the 2015 Paris Agreement. These members include the eight countries participating in the program: the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Norway and Ireland.

Improve reporting

PARIS (PROcess Attribution of Regional EISsions) intends to improve these mandatory inventory reports. The aim is to develop new methods to detect and measure a country’s emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide based on atmospheric observations. In addition, PARIS intends to carry out new assessments of emissions of F-gases and aerosols of organic matter and black carbon. “We want to know where the particles are coming from and how big the emissions are,” said project leader Thomas Rockmann, professor of atmospheric physics and chemistry at Utrecht University.

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