Six months after GTA 6 was revealed, Take-Two’s CEO briefly mentioned GTA 7

GTA 6 It has not been published yet and is already being talked about GTA 7 Talk, a little anyway. Six months after the GTA 6 trailer was revealed, GTA 7 was briefly mentioned by Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick. This happened during an interview in which people were asked, among other things, about Rockstar’s release schedule.

Concretely, it was pointed out that nowadays the wait seems longer and longer for new games in popular game franchises, as the interviewer pointed out that GTA 6 was not released even more than 10 years after GTA 5, and then tried to look into the future a little. . “GTA 7?” Zelnick interrupted, before effectively answering a question about how Rockstar will organize itself moving forward.

Zelnick said that after GTA 5, Rockstar did not start work on GTA 6 for 12 years. GTA Online has also been launched and expanded into an important and very successful mainstay of Take-Two’s game offering, and a lot of time has of course been spent on that. Red Dead Redemption 2 has also been released in the meantime.

Zelnick emphasizes that, strictly speaking, it simply does not take more than 10 years to go from GTA 5 to GTA 6, or from GTA 6 to GTA 7, because a lot of things happen in between in terms of developments and releases. In this regard, it is also not important to know that, according to Zelnick, Rockstar is now in the field of live services.

So it doesn’t mean that developing a game like GTA 6 necessarily takes a lot of time, but rather other things are done between major releases. This in itself is not unreasonable, of course, since game releases, especially in regards to live service games, need time and space to run, but the result is that in practice, new major games can take a long time to arrive and this does not seem to be the case. It changes instantly.

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