Skateboarders after the World Cup, sure to play | the Olympics

Dutch skaters Roos Zwetsloot (20), Keet Oldenbeuving (16) and Candy Jacobs (30) all got their entry ticket to Tokyo on World Cup Street in Rome in recent days.

Dutch champion Zwetsloot finished eighth in the Italian capital and gave the best performance. During the semi-finals, she injured her foot and as a precaution she withdrew from the final. Ross’ withdrawal from the final was the most logical option. “We’d rather leave the podium here than later in the Games,” national team coach Schord Flemings said.

Oldenbuffing and Jacobs did not make it past the semi-finals in Rome and finished 11th and 32nd, respectively. Just like the superpowers the United States, Brazil and Japan, the Netherlands is most represented in the street section of the Olympics with three skaters among the women.

Skateboarding is part of the Olympic Games for the first time this year.

Candy Jacobs. © Environmental Protection Agency

Roos Zoetslot.
Roos Zoetslot. © Environmental Protection Agency

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