Sleeping with your dog can be good for your mental health

While one dog owner refuses to let his four-legged friend near the bedroom, another wrinkles up against his furry friend every night. Do you belong to the first camp? Congratulations to you. According to animal expert Karen Barrett, sleeping with your dog has many benefits.

Karen Barrett is a dog behaviorist, so she knows what she’s talking about. She says that as long as you tell your dog who the boss is, it’s okay to let the furry creature sleep in your bed. “If your dog sleeps on your head, they think they are higher than you and that can be a problem. But if the animal is next to you, it releases dust that encourages us to cuddle together.”

Lonely people in particular can benefit from snuggling with their pet at night. The expert: “For a single or elderly person whose partner has died, it can be reassuring to have a dog sleeping on the bed.”

The information provided by the therapist is consistent with a previous study by Canisius College at Buffalo. The study showed that women – which the study focused on women – had a more restful night’s sleep when they slept with a dog than when they shared a bed with a cat or any other human.

(Photo courtesy of Cristian Castillo’s photo On Unsplash)

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