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Police in Slovakia have arrested a 64-year-old man who called emergency services saying he wanted to do the same thing “as happened in Prague”. In the Czech capital, a 24-year-old student carried out a massacre at Charles University.

The Slovakian suspect grabbed the phone the day the shooting occurred. Police released a video showing officers raiding his apartment, according to the BBC.

Several arrests were also made in the Czech Republic after the shooting that left fourteen people dead. For example, someone threatened to kill the family members of the 24-year-old shooter. In the western city of Pilsen, a person threatened to shoot his neighbors. When the man was arrested, it was found that he was drunk and did not have any weapons.

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A heavily armed unit was forced to take action at a busy intersection in Prague on Friday evening after reports of a man carrying a grenade. According to experts, it turned out to be a fake. The BBC said that two men were arrested.

On Saturday evening, the passenger terminal at Prague Airport was briefly evacuated after an English-speaking man called the police. As he put it, he “planted five bombs” there. The station was released again after an exhaustive search.

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