Smart storage technology to reduce food waste as much as possible

Strange smells, questionable colors and suspicious layers: prevent food spoilage and thus waste thanks to smart storage techniques. Smart storage isn’t just about reducing food spoilage and waste. It also means more efficient shopping and less money on your receipt. Here you can read how to apply smart storage technologies for a longer shelf life.

Does your milk always expire or do you forget the container of grapes in the back of the refrigerator? Fortunately, you can prevent food spoilage by storing it properly and keeping track of inventory. This way you can limit food-related infections from your own kitchen, and you will have more control over your shopping expenses.

Ground rules: This is how you keep it fresh!

Food can only be stored properly if you know how to do it in the best way. Cold, dry, dark or warm: each product has its own guide. In the supermarket, products such as long-life milk and pickled vegetables are kept outside the refrigerator, although they need to be refrigerated after opening. Therefore, always read and check storage instructions Nutrition center How long can you keep opened food? Some basic rules that will help you are:

⦿ – Foods that spoil quickly, such as meat and dairy products, should always be kept in the refrigerator. It should not be left out of the refrigerator for more than two hours, especially in warm weather.
⦿ – Most fruits can be stored outside the refrigerator, but some stay fresh longer if kept cold.
⦿ – Dry products such as pasta, rice, cereals and canned foods can be stored outside the refrigerator in a cool, dry place.
⦿ – Bread should be stored in a closed container outside the refrigerator. It dries faster in the refrigerator.
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Longer shelf life by vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging systems are useful for keeping food fresher for longer. It seals the food tightly and thus slows the growth of bacteria and fungi. Moreover, you can freeze vacuum-packed foods, giving them a longer shelf life. With a vacuum sealer, you can easily vacuum seal your food yourself.

advice! Write on the package when you are vacuum sealing and freezing the contents.


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Smart food containers: eco-friendly storage

In addition to vacuum packaging, smart food containers reduce oxygen levels around the food. This protects it from damage and extends its shelf life. The containers are also sustainable because they are reusable.

Another eco-friendly option for storing food properly is reusable glass jars. They are also generally sealed, reducing the risk of damage. To cover food, you can replace the plastic and aluminum foil with a washable beeswax cloth.

advice! Smart food containers are also useful for storing pet food, keeping it crispier for longer.

View your inventory with the app

Applications such as No waste (iOS) and Kitchen Pal (Android) It can help you manage your inventory. They send a notification when something threatens to expire. This way you are reminded of the grapes in time before they rot in a dark corner. Additionally, you can prevent duplicate purchases and thus be less shocked by the receipt.

And with some apps, you can go even further. You can create shopping lists, plan recipes, or create a general to-do list. In this regard, there is an application such as the Albert Heijn application (internal control Department And Android) Solution: You can prepare shopping lists that you can use when shopping, but you can also order everything on the list on the spot and have it delivered to your home. The app doesn’t really keep track of what you have in stock, but it has thousands of recipes, so you can always make something delicious from things you still have at home.

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The smart refrigerator: efficient storage and shopping

From the camera in your refrigerator to Liebherr’s BioFresh system: modern refrigerators are incredibly smart. With one, you can create a photo album, and with the other, you can plan all your meals.

Cool camera: Are you at the supermarket and want to check what you have left in the fridge? Some refrigerators are equipped with a camera that allows you to look inside the refrigerator and see what you still have in stock. Useful for preventing unnecessary expenses.

Cooling system with compartments and temperatures: Some refrigerators have special compartments to keep food fresh for as long as possible. Different places in the refrigerator have different temperatures for different foods, such as meat, vegetables, and dairy products. For example, Liebherr calls this BioFresh. This is the system that regulates the different compartments for temperature and humidity.

Ordering groceries on a multi-function screen: The Samsung Family Hub has a refrigerator-mounted display that lets you order groceries, find recipes, manage your calendar and to-do list, and even put together your own photo album.

advice! Is the refrigerator full? Provided the ambient temperature is stable, you can also store some foods in a cold pantry or basement.

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