Smarties, podcast by BNR, Androidworld and iCulture #16

The Smart Ones is a podcast originating from the collaboration between BNR, Androidworld and iCulture that discusses the exciting and above all fun world of technology. This time we’re talking about CES again. Substitute Rob was there and told us what to see.

the smart

There is a new episode of the smart Online. On the BNR, iCulture, and Androidworld podcasts we talk about the fun world of tech every week. We have a number of regular sections like ‘News of the Week’ and ‘Review’. In addition, every week we deal with a topic in an in-depth manner. The Smart Ones theme is not only limited to smartphones, it covers many other topics that belong to the world of technology. If you have any suggestions for us, please leave them in the comments.

Podcast hosts are Connor Clerks (BNR), Gonny van der Zwaag (iCulture) and Dimitri’s Suite (Android world). This episode is in good company Rob Blaubos Because Goni was absent.

# 16 | CES 2022 Sports in Wearables

In the previous episode we already talked about the survival of major technical exhibitions. Shouldn’t we be doing it locally and partly online? Rob Blaauboer hopes that doesn’t happen, as he just got back from CES in Las Vegas. He really enjoyed the fact that there were far fewer visitors at the world’s largest tech fair, than in other years. This allowed more space and more time to visit all the stands. In the podcast, Rob talks about the Dutch startups that were present.

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There was also a lot to see in sports, health and technology. Since Rob is a voracious runner, he gained more knowledge about this in Las Vegas. He introduces us to this interesting area of ​​technology.

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