Snapchat tip: Here’s how to send a Snap with photos on your phone

Do you have a beautiful photo or video in your gallery that you want to send to your Snapchat friends? We explain with a filter how you can still send a Snap.

Snapchat basically doesn’t allow you to send a Snap with photos you’ve already taken. So you are always required to use Snap’s built-in camera. If you’re just thinking about taking it to one of your friends after taking a picture, you might think it’s too late. However, the developers have found a bend that can still send an image that is already on your phone using the Snap filter.

As mentioned before, it is useful if you have thought of taking the photo in Snapchat too late and have already taken it using the normal camera app. In addition, the “normal” camera app offers several options to take the photo the way you want it. You don’t have to search the Snap camera to get Pro mode. Finally, the quality of photos from Snap camera on Android is many times worse than the output of the camera app that came with your phone. Samsung, since its close collaboration with Snapchat of the S21 series, is the only manufacturer that has been able to address the difference in quality.

Take pictures from your gallery

To create a Snap with photos from your iOS or Android device gallery, you need to use a filter. Also be aware that others can see that you used a filter – and specifically any filter as well – when creating a Snap. Doesn’t that stop you? Then we’ll go.

  1. Open the Snapchat app on Android or iOS
  2. click on it smiley icon Next to the camera button
  3. Then select the option in the bottom bar to discover
  4. In the search bar enter text Download in
  5. Choose a filter called Download From Mounir Haskou
  6. Scroll through the Images popup and choose File The picture you want to send
  7. Click on yellow button Bottom center and snap release as usual
  8. Choose send To complete the process

I sent? Snapchat basically fooled the filter by filling the entire image with a photo. By the way, the above process also works for videos (with audio). Make sure you take photos and videos in the correct aspect ratio beforehand. As the filter tries to make the photo or video fill the screen, it zooms in on your photo or video until it fills the frame in the Snap.

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