Social Democrat Olaf Schulz elects new German chancellor | Abroad

Schulz got 395 votes behind him, more than enough for a majority. Then the 63-year-old politician went to German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, where he was officially sworn in. On Wednesday afternoon, a formal transfer of power with Angela Merkel will follow.

The former finance minister would become the first SPD chancellor since Gerhard Schröder, who took charge between 1998 and 2005.

Schulz’s SPD won the September 26 elections with 25.7% of the vote. He then negotiated a coalition agreement with the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party.

Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, CDU and CSU, suffered a historic loss in the parliamentary elections, led by Chancellor Armin Laschet’s candidate.

The coalition agreement was introduced on November 24 and signed on Tuesday after the three parties agreed. The new coalition has already been named Traffic Lights Alliance, or traffic light coalition, a reference to the party colors red (SPD), yellow (FDP), and green (the greens).

Among other things, the new government wants to raise the minimum wage and focus more on renewable energy. In addition, the Traffic Lights Alliance Legalizing cannabis and relaxing immigration rules. Schulz government will be there Nine men and eight women. “Half of society is made up of women, so they should be half represented in government,” Schulze said.

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