Social media or anti-social media? In conversation with Thijs Launspach!

Psychologist and author Thijs Launspach is a guest on KRO-NCRV’s De Nacht. Thijs is an expert in the field of stress management, burnout and mental health. He is, among other things, the author of You Are Enough: Mentally Sound in a Crazy, Busy World.

A book about stress, modern work, and life’s questions for millennials. Because how can you stay happy in a world with phones full of social media?

Theis explains that you’re not responsible for your happiness, but that’s not necessarily the case. Our environment is very crucial to our state of mind. In addition to the stress we get from our environment, we also put stress on ourselves. Our expectations are so high, it causes a lot of stress and pressure to perform. Young people in particular suffer from this. They are constantly told that they are not good enough. When they open their phones, they see fitter, smarter, richer and happier people.

“We have connections with hundreds of people online, but in real life we ​​don’t even know the names of our neighbors.”

Thijs’ new book: “Antisocial Media” discusses our use of social media in more detail.

We have to think carefully about why we are on social media. Use your phone only when you want to talk to friends or family. Be critical of yourself and regularly ask yourself if you could use your phone a little less. Then hopefully in a few years we will have more control over our phone use.

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